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    BeiJing Oriental XiHe Technology Co. Ltd was established in November 2016 with embracing the rich of the country and the powerful of army. We plan to build an antenna integration platform, which is the formation of R & D, production and sales. We have a number of antenna design experts, outstanding design groups to develop a series of Beidou antenna, GPS antenna, Iridium antenna, GPS / GLONASS antenna, watch antenna, measurement antenna in a larger range of applications. At present, cooperation has been carried out in such important fields as aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, UAV, measurement fields and so on. Antenna test results show that our antennas have reached the industry-leading level, accept a series of approve of enterprises and institutions. The future has come, we walk on a long wide road, only continuously improve, continuously innovate, share our technological achievements in order to adapt to the progress of the times, customer trust to our love.

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